What is Skilligy?

Fun & affordable dance lessons

Skilligy helps you connect with top-notch dance teachers instantly. Book your private or group dance lessons online in your preferred date, time and locations near you in Melbourne, Portland and Bangalore. Learn various dance forms like Hip-Hop, Ballet, Freestyle, Urban Hip-Hop, Salsa, Bollywood and many more that you might want to learn. You can book dance classes for both kids and adults.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with money back if lessons don’t meet your expectation (which will never happen, we promise!)

Just a click away and you can narrow down to the dance lessons that match your requirement, then select the date and time as well as location and make your payment online. Don’t worry you can cancel anytime and get a refund prior 24 hours.

Our Hip Hop classes are a rage and our Bollywood dance classes will get your leg shaking.

How does Skilligy work?


Search for dance instructors on genres, ratings and private or group class


Narrow down and select instructors available in your date and time, in a location you prefer


Book with ease using paypal or credit card. The instructor only gets paid after the lesson, so you are covered

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Easy and quick refunds 
if you are unsatisfied or cancel a session 
before 24 hrs

Get noticed

Skilligy's goal is to facilitate hosts to connect with their seekers

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Connect with a unique network on talented skills people - collaborate

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Dance Hosts

Best in town dance hosts nearby you

Local Talents

Search all local talents in your community / city

Global talents

Connect and learn from talented host from around the globe

Some of our Hosts

Skilligy | hosts

Daniel Johnson

Melbourne Australia

Poi Fire ball spinner

Skilligy | hosts

Keenan Ratathi

Melbourne, Australia

Hip-Hop / Urban

Skilligy | hosts

Lourde Vijay

Bangalore, India

Latin Dance - Cha Cha / Bachata

Skilligy | hosts

Carlo Powell

Melbourne Australia


Skilligy | hosts

Trevor Santos

Melbourne, Australia

Hip-Hop / Urban

Skilligy | hosts

Tejas Dhoke

Mumbai, India

Bollywood / Dance fit

Skilligy | hosts

Sitara Lones

Portland, USA

Afghan / Persian 

Skilligy | hosts

Deepa Barve

Portland, USA

Bollywood / Indian Classical

Skilligy | hosts

DJ Prashant

Portland, USA


Currently available in ...

Skilligy | Melbourne

Melbourne, VC

Skilligy | Bangalore

Bangalore, KA

Skilligy | Portland

Portland, OR

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