You heard that right! You can lose weight by just by partying every week.


There are a lot of articles that will tell you losing weight is a dreadful task. Every article that I read so far, talked about how I should cut down my favourite food and eat all the so called healthy stuff. Honestly, I did get motivated a lot of times by reading inspiring articles about eating right and exercising regularly. My so called “eating fit” would not last more than a week. Every time I saw a yummy chocolate doughnut or a cheesy pizza my heart would sink inside. Every time I felt like eating something mouth watering, I would see flashes of the perfect bodies on Instagram that I wanted to be like. Was I happy doing all this? NO! Not one bit. The fact is, for common people like you and me, eating fit everyday is near to impossible. We often tend to grab a bite here and there. Trust me that is perfectly OK.

I lost 4 kilograms in the past one month. I didn’t cut down my yum-tums, didn’t do the cramp rich crunches or work hard on the treadmill. Then how did I lose the weight??

I wore my best cloths, favourite shoes, wore my so right shade of lipstick and went partying. Jumped all night and danced for two weekends in the past one month. Then well, you probably would have guessed it by now, at this rate I was broke after the second week.

I am not a professional dancer, nor do I drop jaws when I dance. But for those two weeks drinking and dancing the weekend away was something I really enjoyed. Apart from the hangover mornings, my body felt like I had done cardio, crunches and all those hard things fitness guys quote. Every weekend turned into a mini party at home. I played the best songs on YouTube and sometimes tuned into the online dance tutorials. I was cherishing the best me time every weekend. I loved every part of it.

Just wanted to say, if the concept eating fit, dieting is not making you happy, then don’t waste your time doing it. Just like I found my way of happy fitness, so will you. This is my story of fitness. What is yours? Write down in the comment section below.