Written by Carla W

Yup, you’ve heard it right.

You’ve been dancing wrongly.

Maybe, just maybe, you are missing this one thing when you are dancing.


The most essential aspect out of everything else you need to dance; fancy shoes, the trendiest Nike or Adidas gear… they are good, but not enough just yet.

Dancing without confidence is like you’re sitting on an exam with the perfect uniform and stationery ready, but you haven’t even studied a thing yet.

You’re blank, loss, completely had no idea.

So, by this time you may wonder why confidence is important for dancers?

Also, how do you gain confidence when dancing?

The why

The most frequently asked question but also the easiest one to answer.

When you have confidence when dancing, you’ll perform better. You’ll shine even brighter than the spotlight.

Every dance move will become more punchier, stronger because you’ve put extra 200% on each based on the confidence you have. Not because you want to, but it’s your default to dance with confidence (and once you got it, you’ll hardly unlikely to lose it).

You also will not feel exposed or embarrassed to perform on stage anymore. With the confidence you have, you will see the stage as your playground, your own space to pour your heart out.

You carry the fire. It’s not warm but burning.

The how

  1. Practice, practice, practice

This probably would be the one thing you wished not to hear or read from this article. But honestly, this is the very first “how” to build up your confidence.

Practice makes perfect.

Cliché phrase but works wonderful when you finally get to do it.

When you practice, you learn things that you probably wouldn’t know before. You’ll encounter thousands of “oh, now I know” from yourself.

Those mistakes you’ll make in your dance practice room will be great lessons.

Of course, you don’t want to make mistakes on stage, right?

So, head into your practice room now and pick up those mistakes and correct them.

If you lose few hours of sleep just to correct the mistakes, so be it. It’ll be worth it.

“The only way to get up is to hit the bottom first”

  • Find your uniqueness

Anybody can dance, and anybody can learn on how to dance better.

However, not everyone has the same style and uniqueness. Similar, yes. But not exactly same-same.

You should have something that others don’t have, and that what makes you special.

Maybe it’s one dance move or certain facial expressions or gestures you always do.

People may think it’s weird but hey! What’s so wrong about it? That’s what makes you memorable to them.

Embrace the weirdness – that’s what makes you unique

Being unique and embracing your own style surely, hundred-percent, will boost your confidence because you know people will spot you easily and entertained by that every single time!

If you haven’t figure out what’s your style or uniqueness you have, that’s totally okay.

It takes time, for sure.

But don’t just sit back and wait for it to come upon you automatically, go back to number one – it’s where you’ll find it.

  • Be consistent

Last but not least.

Just like any other job, hobbies, passion… consistency is also the key to build up your confidence.

Similar to practice, consistency will help make you perform better.

Here, see this as the gym-junkie who train their body every night (like seriously, man?!) to reach certain goals.

Dance is like a muscle, the more you put exercise to it, the faster the outcome will be and the better it is.

Not that you will gain more muscles (probably you would but that isn’t the point) but your dance will be fuller and stronger!

You know the drill, the fuller and stronger dance you have will boost your confidence eventually!

There’s the why and the 3 tips on how to have confidence when you’re dancing.

Promise you, if you figure out and do all of those above, you will not dance the wrong way anymore.

Nevertheless, good things take time and we understand the struggle.

If you feel like you’re going downhill, it’s actually the uphill that brings you to the brightest star because of all the unseen blood, sweats and tears you’ve spent to be a better dancer.

Chin up, champion!

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What’s your tips on gaining and boosting up confidence when dancing? Comment down below!