Written by Carla W

So, say you’ve been learning how to dance by yourself through online, or with your friends, and maybe you took a few dance lessons in the past but never achieved your goal as much as you expected.

You’re drained, and almost have no motivation left to learn dance. Moreover, to find a dance class.

Well, we are here today to let you know that there is still hope in a dance class! And here are the tips you can follow to make the most out of it.

  • Questions

Yes. Ask questions. As much as you can, as much as you want. A good instructor will never be tired of thezillion questions you have. In fact, they are extremely happy that you have the courage to be open, raise your hand to ask. They will understand and they will do the best they can to resolve the problems and concerns you have. Don’t let yourself stuck and keep silent until the class ends because the instructor may assume that you are alright. So, don’t be shy to ask!

  • Move around

What this means is that don’t be afraid when the instructor asks you to switch to the front of the class, back, middle, right or left. This helps you to see the full vision of the choreography better, as well give chance to other participants if you’re in a group class. Sometimes, the instructor may also want you to step out and be the example in front of the class if she/he see a good potential in you. Don’t be shy! It’s your time to shine and learn from the mistakes. We promise!

  • Listen with your eyes and sit down

Don’t get me wrong. This is important to listen and see at the same time while you’re sitting down. When the instructor demonstrating or correcting certain moves, especially with fast music, you may want to respect everyone by just simply paying attention while sitting down so everyone will have equal chance to watch.

There are the 3 tips we can give you on how to make the most out of your dance class!

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