Written by Carla W

Be kind to everyone, they say.

Be consistent with the schedule, they say.

You won’t make it if you are slacking, they say.

Seriously, these words stuffing our ears and bugging our minds way too much.

As if somehow we wonder is this the only conversation exist in between breaks in the dance room?

This is toxic; causing anxiety and stress inside of you more than you know.

Dance, just like any other passion, career, and hobby, you spent all your
time on it, caught up with it and eventually neglecting the good life outside the

You feel like you’re standing in between the darkness, inside the wilderness.

Deep down you have the desire to break loose, to take time off, but you have no idea how.

You ask,

“What about my leader or my teacher’s trust in me? What about the schedule I’m
committed to? And what about other members on the team?”

What about you?

We stress about others’ comments and judgments way too much rather than asking the question “what about me?”

Don’t worry, I’m not here to tell you to breach the commitment you have with your dance group nor to turn you to be a professional slacker.

Ø  Honestly be honest

Tell your leader, tell your teacher, tell your
friends what you’ve been feeling inside you. What you need, what you want.

Sometimes it’s not physicality drain but your emotion and mentality.

And everyone (or maybe one or two) in the team needs to know about it.

They are your closest contact, people that work
with you, certainly, you can depend on and trust them to take care and help you.

I guarantee they will understand your position and
eventually, pick you up where you left off.

Ø  Give it a break (literally)

Injure, fatigue emotionally drained made up all the anxiety crippling inside of you.
Literally, give it a break.
You’ve talked to your leader about it now take the time to rest as much as you need.
Don’t practice, don’t stress on the dance moves you haven’t nail yet.
Rest, meditate, take a deep breath, go out to nature, walk in the park, listen to your favorite music, live your life again.

Ø  Fill with good nutrients

Research has shown that during the breakdown and healing process, good food plays a big role in it.
Eat the food you’ve been craving for, stuff yourself up with home food, comfort food, any kind you name them!
But still mind the nutrients in the food you eat, so once you recovered, you’ll come back stronger and full of energy.  

Easy, right? All you have to do is, honestly, do it! Speak up, take the time off, stuff yourself up.

That way you can balance out your life with the dance career you’re pursuing just right.

Bye-bye anxiety!

What’s your best way to heal and breakthrough anxiety? Comment down below!

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