Written by Carla W

Ever wonder how to be a professional world-known dancer like Shakira? How about the King of Pop Michael Jackson? Or the top boy/girl group among the millennials and Gen Z such as BTS and Black Pink?

We break down 10 things they do to become top-notch dancers.

  • Passion

Before everything else, ask this question, “Do I really love dancing? Or this is just something to impress my peers?”. When you like and have passion for dancing in the first place, it would make a huge difference to how you develop in the long run. Nothing will seem too hard.

  • Practice, practice, practice!

Cliché, but this is the most important thing of it all. If you don’t practice the complicated movements, techniques and style, not only your memory won’t remember well but also your body will get sore if you rarely practice. Good dancers put extra hours on practice, that’s what makes them stand out. Don’t stress on learning something new, focus on perfecting each skills step by step.

  • Streeetch!

Flexibility is important. Notice every good dancer dance effortlessly and made every movement seems so easy. This is why daily stretch is crucial to build up the flexibility of your body and minimize the likelihood of injuries.

  • Maintain posture

Like model, remind yourself every time you sit down, standing or walking; chin up, keep your body straight, and push your shoulders back.

  • Follow the flow

Who say you can’t see with your eyes closed? Your imagination can take you to Neverland. Therefore, when learning a new dance, try to close your eyes, feel the beats and flow of the music, let your body sway by itself. Great things come from the unexpected.

  • Relax

Take time off when you need to. Your body needs rest, just like your brain needs time to cool down from remembering or figuring out new techniques or movements for your dance.

  • Challenge yourself

Challenge and not forcing. Sometimes, the biggest confidence comes when you start to put pressure on yourself. The hidden dragon will unveil itself and you’ll encounter something in you that you’ve never thought exist before. Register yourself to a competition, join a dance group, or even organize a new dance academy. Whatever challenge you the most, just do it!

  • Don’t withdraw from drawbacks!

The greatest success built from biggest challenges and many out-of-comfort-zones.  Some days you may find yourself burnt out, suddenly losing taste for dancing, not motivated, unfocused, get bad feedbacks or critiques from people… Guess what? These are totally normal drawbacks! In fact, you can’t please anyone anyway. The key is to not withdraw from these, face and fight them! Gradually pick up where you left of, keep going, work smarter and show it off to the world that you are strong, and you shine brighter than any stars!

  • Quality people

Find those bunch who put great input and value into you, not pushing you down but up, bravely correct when you are wrong but always there when you needed them the most. Everybody deserves this, and you too! When you feel like you lose motivation and focus on dancing, feeling like a failure, they are the ones who will never leave your side and they always have unique ways to cheer you up again!

  • Find the right instructor

Everybody started from the bottom, after all. This is why finding the right instructor that can nurture and help you pursue that dream dance journey is highly important. Skilligy is the perfect place for this! We have numbers of professional, industry experienced dance instructors willing to help and can truly understand you.

What are your tips to be a better dancer? Comment down below!

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