Written by Akash Tapadar

Tired of searching best dance classes near you and still not sure about which dance studios are good for you as a dance beginner? In this Blog we will talk about all the required things that should be taken in consideration by you before enrolling for a Dance studio.+

A survey was done by the World dance community and it said that 90% of the total searches to find dance studios is done by typing “best dance studios near me”. Again from which 90% of the people are from the age group 8-25Years old and want to enroll for dance classes but 75% of them drop out because of the following reasons like, the studio is not in preferred location, instructors charging high rates, trust issues, etc.

There are chances that a person may be a great dancer but it is not necessary that the same person has to be a great teacher too. These are some basic conflicts faced by the people who want to learn dance and want to enroll for dance classes. Facing these problems are common but how do we find a permanent solution to it?

 When we finally decide to give a great push to our miserable life’s by learning dance,  we usually try finding the studio which specializes in all dance forms and has great facilities, filled with all positive energies. But we usually don’t find these kinds of studio’s giving all the facilities. I won’t say there are no such studio’s like this, but yeah, not many!

So before I start, I wanted to tell you about the problems what people usually face while choosing a dance studio. Hence, being a dancer myself, let me tell you what are all the important 5 Factors to consider before you choose a dance studio.

Decide according to your style.

dance studios near me
Choose your Style

Everyone wants to learn from the best, but this is something people don’t think about before enrolling for the dance classes. You first have to decide which dance style you want to learn. It may be hip hop, contemporary, Bollywood, ballet, freestyle, urban, etc.

There may be several dance forms you want to choose from. Similarly, there are dance studios which are only specialized in some dance styles. For example, a dance studio is only specialized in teaching Bollywood and hip hop because the instructor for the particular dance studio is certified only for hip hop and Bollywood. He may know contemporary, but not as good as he knows Bollywood and hip hop. Hence, I would suggest you to always learn your favourite style from the instructor who is especially specialized in it.

Check the facilities they provide.

dance studios near me
Dace facilities

As I said everyone wants to learn from the best and yes this is true, you should learn from the best. But parallelly we should also check whether they provide the best facilities in the town for the money that we pay our instructor monthly. A good instructor plays 50% role in our life in transforming us into a good dancer but the remaining 50% depends on the facilities we get from our dance instructors. Some of the things that have to be checked before enrolling for a dance studio are:

 1) Good quality mirrors

2)  Iron bars.

3) Polished wooden floors.

4) Good and wide space.

5) Speakers with great sound qualities.

Should Save your Time

dance studios near me
Dance studios near you will save your time.

Always go with the studio which is near to your place. One of the advantages of having your dance studio near to your place is it will save you time in the daily journey, probably you can invest this time to practice more and more. More over Skilligy helps you finding best dance studios near you according to your preferred time. The decision on how far you are willing to commute is yours but, I suggest you should go to the studio which is near to your place.

Does the vibe energize you?

dance studios near me
Does the studio fills excitement in you?

One of the Important factors in choosing the best dance studio near you is the vibe you will be interacting with. The vibe you feel with the group of people who surround you while you learn dance matters a lot. Again, do the teachers use calm voices when teaching, or do you hear them

yelling? Watch the little ones, do they look like they like being there, this is a good indicator of how happy any age dancer will be there in that studio. These are some of the tips to check whether the vibe of the dance studio is LIT!

Is it Affordable?

dance studios near me
Is the studio is in your budget?

And Last but not the least, your budget! You first have to figure out your budget, how much you are willing to pay for your dance classes? Once you have a clear view of your budget it will be easy for you to select the studios. Before you enroll for your dance lessons you can ask the instructor whether they charge a little extra every month or it’s fixed? Whether they charge extra every month for costumes or charge separately? Do your research and figure out what would be a reasonable price to pay.

I hope you have read the whole blog and I guess you are a little more confident and know what to do before choosing a dance studio. Also, there is no need to think much about booking your dance studios and dance classes online. I have told you about the complete cycle a person goes through while booking a dance studio near him. But we at Skilligy, take care of all the required measures by connecting you with the right dance instructors with great studio facilities in Bangalore. Thinking how Skilligy is beneficial to you? Then you should probably go check my blog 5 Major Benefits of booking online dance classes through Skilligy!