written by Akash Tapadar

Hey folks! I have told you how booking online dance classes have made our life easier than before. If you have not read my previous blog about 5 Major Benefits of booking online dance classes you never knew, then I would recommend you that blog because it will clear your thoughts regarding booking online dance classes.

Here in this blog, I would make you see between the lines on how we at Skilligy are trying to make the whole scenario of booking online dance classes more and more easier. Before we start if you are new and still don’t know about skilligy then I would like to give you brief information on What is Skilligy and how it works?

Skilligy is an online platform exclusively for all the dancers out there, where you can find great top notch dance instructors with a huge variety of dance styles in one place, who are ready to teach you anytime, anywhere as per your needs.

1)    Easily accessible and hassle-free assistance

To make your search experience more appealing and convincing we have made the whole process a 3 step process, where people or seekers who want to learn their favorite dance style after coming to our website:

•    They first look for the perfect dance instructor as per their needs who has excelled in that particular dance style.

•    Choosing the sessions is what comes next, when and where they want to learn!

•    And the last but not the least is the easy payment method.

The whole booking process has been cut down to 3 simple steps which make the user experience feel easier.

2)    Get to know more about your favorite style and instructor:

The biggest advantage of booking online dance classes through Skilligy is getting to know more about the style you want to learn and interact with great mentors! So, our customer reviews play a great role here. Our customer reviews act as a supporting pillar for both customers and our instructors.  Our instructors get great shoutouts for their work from all our previous happy customers on our reviews section, which motivates the new dancers and seekers to learn from them. Hence, this is one of the factors adding it to the 5 Major benefits of Booking Online Dance classes through Skilligy.

3)    Budget is not a Problem here!

We at Skilligy have understood the main problem faced by our potential customers is not only the lack of great dance mentors out there in the streets but also the lack of money!

Since we have wide varieties of dance instructors all teaching different kinds of dance styles which we didn’t know even existed, we tried the making budget problem- not a problem, by creating a platform affordable for everyone.

4)    Great Dance Mentors and varieties of dance styles in a single place.

Since we have already talked about how bad it can be to run around different dance studios and instructors to know about different dance styles and how they teach. But we at Skilligy have made it easier for you people by creating a platform exclusively only for dance, where you can get to know wide varieties of dance mentors all teaching different kinds of dance styles and history behind those styles which we didn’t know even existed.

5)    We Don’t make Business we make Happy Customers!

I appreciate your patience for sticking around till the end 😊 A Big Thank you, folks!

This is perhaps the most important point that I would like to keep in front to support the discussion about 5 Major Benefits of booking online dance classes through Skilligy!

We tell our clients that we are not just making a platform for all the dance aspirants out there, the thing we do and we are proud of it is making “HAPPY CUSTOMERS”

People who want to learn dance are not getting that huge exposure out there and we at Skilligy trying every day to make their hobbies and passion come true!

We think are not just running a business out there by connecting seekers to great mentors, we here are making small efforts so that people out there can find their inner themselves perusing their passion through us and their achievements through is what motivates us to do more and more for those artists out there. Hence, customer satisfaction is more prior to us.

Now, if you are here you would have probably read the whole blog and would have come to know how Skilligy is making an everyday effort to find great dance mentors online for the people who want to learn dance and explore more in this field by making the whole scenario online so that people don’t have to run around searching for the correct mentor!

We hope you liked the initiative what skilligy has taken and now people will be more confident to book classes through Skilligy!