Written by Akash Tapadar

All these years, dance has been a major reason behind all the positive and happy memories that we have shared with our friends and family, but in this long run, we never released that it has done a great impact on our daily social life. Studies have shown that dance is considered to be one of the best medicines for our daily problems like frustration, nervousness, Stress, mentally unbalanced life and for the people who lack social life etc.

As said there are several dance benefits that will help you to kick start your healthy life both physically and mentally, but you guys will be having a question in your mind “How is this possible? How someone can kick start his healthy life just by dancing? No matter how you choose your workout sessions, dance has several proven benefits which will convince you to pick up dance as your hobby.

How someone can kick start his healthy life just by dancing? No matter how you choose your workout sessions, dance has several proven benefits which will convince you to pick up dance as your hobby.

Hence, guys, I want you to stick till the end of this blog to know the 5 Major dance benefits which will help you kick start your health!

Improves your Heart and Lung Capacity

Skilligy Dance Benefits

Science says there has to be a tremendous amount of blood circulation in our body for the Heart and lungs work better. Dance improves our heart and lung capacity.  Our heart rate and breathing rate both increase while dancing, this is a result of great blood circulation. There are many long term health benefits to getting an extra cardiovascular workout.  Keeping your body active can help to keep yourself young and fight the aging process. Hence, strat your dance classes today!

Improves our physical strength

Skilligy Dance Benefits

Perhaps one of the obvious dance benefits is increasing our physical strength.  Dancing can be an enjoyable way to get your body moving and keep your heart racing.  It is one of the few activities that offers a full body workout and allows you to work on your legs, core, and arms all at the same time and also provides a high-intensity, low-impact workout without the monotony of counting reps or doing sets. Nevertheless, it gives you a beach body 😉

Increase your flexibility

Skilligy Dance Benefits

Another great physical benefit of dance is improved flexibility.  Dance enables you to move your body in ways that may not be done by a normal person or nobody does in their typical daily life. It makes you a different person and allows you to build your range of motion and give your muscles a good stretch.  Even if your dance program doesn’t start with a warm-up stretch, you’ll most likely find that after a few classes you’re a little more limber than you were before.

Improves your Memory strength

Skilligy Dance Benefits

The benefits of dance aren’t just limited to physical.  People get a mental workout after attending a dance session. Focusing on moving our different parts of the body simultaneously while dancing is a big challenge for all the people out there, which is a great way to exercise our brain which results in memory boost. It is a great way to sharp our brain.

Increase in confidence and Social Interaction

Skilligy Dance Benefits

One of the biggest advantages behind dancing is an increase in one’s confidence, which later helps you in having a great social life. Mastering a new skill from scratch will boost an immense amount of confidence in you.  You feel proud of yourself. Dance also has the added bonus of making new friends which results in an increased social connection. And this social connection has a boost when we go for classes like salsa and bachata where we get to talk to a lot of people and improve our daily social life! Strating your adult dance classes will help you a lot.

These are the top 5 Major Dance benefits which will help you to leverage your healthy life. I want to conclude by saying that people have forgotten to take care of their physical and mental health since they are busy in their daily rat life. Dance classes have long been a favourite for people looking to get into shape and increase their overall health and well-being. Here we at Skilligy, help you to improve your mental and physical health by giving you extraordinary dance sessions. So what you are waiting for? go ahead and make your workouts fun by joining our dance classes in Bangalore and Melbourne.