written by Akash Tapadar

Contemporary dance, also known as Modern dance, is a mix of several dance forms or genres. It was first introduced in the early 20th century.

The beauty of contemporary dance form lies in the limitless possibilities of exploring our creativity. It does not have a defined traditional rule and lets you connect your mind with your body that gives you a sense of freedom.

There are a wide range of styles and techniques used in a contemporary dance form. Unlike any conventional dance technique, contemporary offers the ease of body movement and energy flow. It’s versatile and can be danced to the tune of any music or mixed with almost any dance form.

It’s accessible for the beginners as it does not require any rigid rule, but compliments the natural alignment of the body. Once trained in contemporary, it gives you “wings to fly to newer horizons of the body movement” and this is not said by me but the best and successful contemporary dancer Shane Sparks

Learning contemporary dance can benefit you in several ways. So, let us jump directly to the part you people are waiting for, what are the top 5 reasons to choose contemporary dance?

Physical Fitness

Contemporary Dance
Physical Fitness

Well, this one goes without saying. Any form of dancing involves physical movement and contemporary dance is no exception. So, if you’re aiming for a physically fit body, this dancing form can be a great choice for you. It will you fit from and will help you to improve the core section of your body. It has got no limits the more you give your time to contemporary dance the more you become fit and feel confident about yourself.

Mental Fitness

Contemporary Dance
Mental Health

Contemporary dance is not easy but yes, if you are willing to give your heart and soul to this dance form then my friend this will help you at a spiritual level. This modern dance form helps you to keep your mind stable and focused. You never know once you go beyond your limits it gives a great push to your body and leverages tour mental fitness resulting in great thinking capacity and enormous control over your mind. Hence starting your contemporary dance classes from today will help you a lot

The Industry needs you!

Contemporary Dance
Dance Industry

The possibilities for contemporary dance seem to be endless. But the way to keep the style evolving and reach the maximum possibilities is on you. There are many TV show platforms where people need contemporary dancers and people working for dance choreographers in movies say that contemporary dancers are the backbone of dance movie and dance industry.

Hence don’t lose your hope if you are already thinking contemporary dance won’t lead you anywhere. There is a huge Industry out there!

Different Health Benefits

Contemporary Dance
Health Benefits

The benefits of contemporary dance are felt immediately.

 The quick-moving dance form burns calories, builds endurance, and lowers blood pressure. It’s also good for improving overall muscle strength, body posture, and motion, all of which are particularly useful as we age. But the only thing that stops your way is your dedication.

To achieve the above health benefits, you have to give your complete dedication to this dance form. Start your dance classes today to see a new personality coming out of you!

Will make you a Different Person

Contemporary Dance
Extraordinary Life

No matter what’s going on in life, no matter how happy or sad you are. Once you are inside the dance class, the aura surrounds you with positivity and you gradually start falling for it. You feel calm and relax. You can connect with your emotions and stretch your mind in the creativity of the environment.

And want to know the great results out of it? It will increase your confidence. It will change your perspective on how you the world. It makes you a completely different and humble person.

Contemporary Dance with all its benefits and reasons to choose it, as discussed above, has become a great way to intoxicate one’s body and become a successful dancer. People are increasingly taking contemporary dance as a form of exercise, means of entertainment and also as their career. We at Skilligy are trying our best to meet this expectation of yours by providing you an online platform to book best dance classes from best contemporary dance instructors and make your dreams come true by learning at your preferred time and location in Bangalore, India.  To know more how do we do it? Please do read our Blog on 5 Major benefits of booking online dance classes through Skilligy.