Written By Akash Tapadar

Want to express your feelings being a Hip Hop dancer, but your body won’t let you?

Well practise makes a man perfect!

People go to dance classes and start with basics first and get to know many dance styles as they keep improvising their skills but choosing the one that suits them actually takes time. Here in this blog, I will talk about one of the best dance styles that people end up choosing, Hip-Hop!

You want to learn Hip-Hop routines to make yourself look cool? Or say it’s your Hobby or Passion? With enough confidence and patience, you can do anything!

Before we jump to the best 5 Tips to become stunning Hip Hop dancer, let’s go to flashback and know brief history behind HIP HOP Dance.

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music which has evolved as a part of hip-hop culture. This style itself includes a wide range of different styles primarily breaking which was created in the 1970s and made popular by many dance influencers by United States.

To Master this style, it takes huge commitment, self-discipline and willpower, without these qualities no great hip hop dancers like the great Michael Jackson, Doctor Ice and MC Hammer could have pulled it off to the level, where every hip hop dancer dreams to be. Do you want to know the Top 5 Tips to become a stunning Hip Hop dancer? Then let’s dig it!

1. Choose the style that defines you

We always hear this phrase “Do the thing that you like the most”. Because if we concentrate on the thing that we like the most then we are going to excel on that particular field, same with Dance. Hip Hop dance style itself has various different dance forms like locking, popping, breaking etc. We have to know which style we are good at. Because the style we love will define us what we are, what we are trying to express!

2. Clearing your Basics will clear your thoughts.

You can either take Hip Hop classes or learn by yourself. But everyone needs a mentor to show us the correct way. A lot of people watch videos and try to follow along, which will make you learn some steps perhaps you might learn how to groove but it won’t help you clear your basics and most of the time it is difficult. You need someone who can take a look at your moves you have taught yourself, someone, you look up to, and he/she can fix your problems and show us the path.

3. Keep No limitations nor Boundaries

For example, some styles like Krumping, which is one of the common dance style along with b-boying under Hip Hop dance styles. This style requires some natural skills, because as you get older, your body’s flexibility tends to become stiffer. So you should start practicing when you’re young, or have natural skills. Hence, you cannot limit yourself to some other style which will lead you nowhere in future. If you do not have natural skills and didn’t even know about Krumping when you were a kid, it will require a lot of practice, Krumping is literally showing your inner aggressive part of yours on beats.

Hence, going to a dance class and having a mentor will help you out.

4. Visualization

To be the next great Hip Hop dancer, this is something that everyone needs to follow. During the next few days, after you start dancing, day or night, listen to your favourite song, and only imagine you are dancing. Picture yourself how you would look doing each move, to the beat of the music, that your limbs and hips and head are all coordinated. And that you are dancing like a pro! This technique can help you grasp moves faster, your performance, & it helps in choreographing.  

5. Have Rich Qualities

This is not anything new and something everyone knows, but if still you still wonder why this is an important quality one should have then you should go forward and read it.

As said earlier on my blog it requires a huge amount of commitment, Self-Discipline and willpower to be a great Dancer because Dancing takes time and Patience. You need to learn the moves, feel comfortable with what you’re doing, and try to practice the moves and make something new out of it.

Hence, having rich qualities will act as your backbone in the world of Dance! Taking hip hop dance lessons will eventually make you grow this quality in you

A never give up Quality!

Hence these are some of the Best Top 5 Tips to become a stunning Hip hop dancer that I and our Hip Hop dance instructors from Skilligy would like to share with you. Having this 5 Qualities will definitely lead you somewhere in the top but as said you have to be committed and true to yourself.

Down the line if this blog made you motivated enough and pumped you up to start you’re your Hip Hop classes then go ahead and book your Hip Hop sessions online on Skilligy from the best dance instructors near you in Bangalore and Melbourne and become a stunning Hip Hop dancer that you always  wanted to be!