Written by Carla W

Ever wonder how a dancer can learn a choreography fast? Not just fast, but they actually memorized each of the complex movements and techniques in their heads, which end up flowing really naturally through their body. No stiffness, no awkward moves, just smooth yet charismatic.

This is not impossible to learn. In fact, everyone without a dance background can memorize a series of choreography within a week! But, of course, when they put in the work.

Good things don’t come instant or magic and willingness without actions and practice is just dull.

Here are 6 tips to memorize choreography fast, guaranteed, within A WEEK!


Watch, dance, repeat.

Keep it as our motto here.

Repeat here literally means to repeat the choreography over the next 7 days NON-STOP.

By repeating the choreography over the whole week (all the movements, techniques, timing, steps, etc), your muscle memory learns to memorize it naturally.

Repeating has huge power and impact on your brain and memory.

Once you keep repeating, you will begin to dance unconsciously without any help from the video or anywhere you’ve learn the choreo from.

You can even begin to dance with your eyes closed, becoming one with the music, promise!


Get rid of the choreography videos as much possible.

Put yourself in the dance room and practice in front of the mirror without any help. Whatever mistakes you make, just keep going until the music stops.

The point here is to fully depend on your head, your memory. What you’ve been repeating over the week.

There’s no limitation or minimum on how many times you should do this.


Remember that egg needs water to harden it.

This water represent the challenge you put into to throw yourself into the dance room and practice again and again.


This really depends on each person.

Before you start practicing, you can try to pick up a notebook and a pen, jotting down the highlight of the choreography or any movements that you feel the hardest.

There’s no right or wrong way on how to note it.

You can bullet points the minute when the choreo starts, or give a name of the choreo only you understand.

Doesn’t even have to make sense. For example, “split, spin, stop right foot”. Whatever, no one will care on how you name it as long as you can remember it!

If you’re an extreme visual person and an amazing artist you can even draw the choreo to help you remember.

Honestly, whatever floats your boat!

Feel free to always comeback to these notes when you’re stuck while practicing.

Some people find this useful, but others don’t. Therefore this is optional but definitely worth a shot!


This is the best tips because you can easily spot the mistakes you make during the practice and compare them to the original choreo.

The complete visual also gives you a clear idea on how your body actually moves without the need to let your friend sit down and watch you because their opinion may be subjective and they may not understand what exactly you are doing.

You can also see your facial expression clearly. Very practical when you need to go to a competition where you also have to act while dancing!


Use your emotion and study the “feeling” behind the choreo and music.

Is it an emotional dance? Or a joyful one?

What does it represent?

Brokenness? Happiness? Pain or sorrow? Longing for something?

Whatever the “feeling” is, you have to understand this thoroughly.

By doing this, you will have a clear idea on how you will send the message through your movements and expression.

Remember your motivation here is to let people feel and receive what the choreo is trying to say.

All that depends on your whole body, your dance.


When all those things above fail, don’t get discouraged.

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