Written by Carla W

People learn to dance for a lot of reasons and there may be thousand of backstory on how did they end up being a dancer in the first place. Whether casually or professionally.

Most important reason probably is simpler than most people thought. To look COOL! Wherever you step on, jaws will drop, people will left impressed by how sleek your movements are.

However, not being able to maintain and practice some important aspects could turn your dance to be so wrong, awkward and stiff.

Today, we are giving you 5 tips to cut off those stiffness, awkwardness and get you to be LIT!

  • Learn the beat

Yes, music beat and rhythms are crucial to understand and get familiar with.

No matter how awesome your movements and techniques, without the right rhythms and when you’re off beat… you know how bad it will be!

So, before you start makings those super lit moves, take your time listening to the music, get familiar with the beat and then come up with the moves.

Guaranteed, if you learn the beat thoroughly, there will be even more awesome movements you could create!

  • Feel the music

As last week’s blog have discussed, it is important to get the “feeling” of the music.

Using your ears and heart, figure out what the “feeling” behind it.

Sad, happy? Or is there any special message beyond that?

Dive yourself into it, you can even memorize and learn the lyrics so that you can come up with the perfect moves to interpret the message.

Once you are set, practice this in front of the mirror, including your facial expressions.

Rising K-pop star, Kim Chungha, is known to not only be the most fierce dancing machine soloist, but her emotion does speak too when she’s dancing. Her facial expressions, especially.

Try to use a little Google-ing and find out how she slay the stage!

  • Daily motions help!

Running out of ideas on how to make a natural, understandable yet amazing choreo?

Use your daily motions as part of your dance and improvise from there.

Doesn’t have to be the craziest thing, anything that makes you feel comfortable, natural and show the real “you”.

Walking, mopping, brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, cleaning the window… honestly, anything random will do too! 😀

  • Get your body ready

Exercise daily through stretches (yoga or pilates is highly recommended), cardio to increase stamina, lift some weights, will play a huge part in getting your body ready to the maximum condition.

And obviously they will minimize the likelihood of awkwardness and stiffness of your dances.

No need to beat yourself up if you can’t do a high intensity exercise.

Start small from daily stretches and build up from there!

  • Different directions

Ever see a dancer dances in just one direction?

That is suuuuper awkward and boring!

To make your dance cooler, natural and not repetitive, try to face every directions.

Right, left, back, front, the ceiling, the ground…


Each. And. Every. Directions.

Don’t miss any of those!

  • Face that mistakes!

We discussed this over the last few blogs but seriously, dancing through the mistakes are really good!

You don’t need to afraid of making mistakes, and learning from those are in fact the best teacher than anyone else.

Through this, you will know yourself better and you can suit whatever needs to be change.

  • Be confident

Last but not least, don’t be afraid if you feel or look silly in front of people!

In fact, this is the most fun experience you will get.

Don’t stress about they will see you, just enjoy the moment, have fun, be silly and bring up your all!

Good luck! 😀

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