hip hop dancer
5 Tips to become a stunning Hip Hop Dancer

Written By Akash Tapadar

Want to express your feelings being a Hip Hop dancer, but your body won’t let you?

Well practise makes a man perfect!

People go to dance classes and start with basics first and get to know many dance styles as they keep improvising their skills but choosing the one that suits them actually takes time. Here in this blog, I will talk about one of the best dance styles that people end up choosing, Hip-Hop!

You want to learn Hip-Hop routines to make yourself look cool? Or say it’s your Hobby or Passion? With enough confidence and patience, you can do anything!

Before we jump to the best 5 Tips to become stunning Hip Hop dancer, let’s go to flashback and know brief history behind HIP HOP Dance.

skilligy dance benefits
5 Major dance benefits which will help you kick start your Good health!

Written by Akash Tapadar

All these years, dance has been a major reason behind all the positive and happy memories that we have shared with our friends and family, but in this long run, we never released that it has done a great impact on our daily social life. Studies have shown that dance is considered to be one of the best medicines for our daily problems like frustration, nervousness, Stress, mentally unbalanced life and for the people who lack social life etc.

As said there are several dance benefits that will help you to kick start your healthy life both physically and mentally, but you guys will be having a question in your mind “How is this possible? How someone can kick start his healthy life just by dancing? No matter how you choose your workout sessions, dance has several proven benefits which will convince you to pick up dance as your hobby.

online dance classes
5 Major Benefits of booking online dance classes through Skilligy!

written by Akash Tapadar

Hey folks! I have told you how booking online dance classes have made our life easier than before. If you have not read my previous blog about 5 Major Benefits of booking online dance classes you never knew, then I would recommend you that blog because it will clear your thoughts regarding booking online dance classes.

Here in this blog, I would make you see between the lines on how we at Skilligy are trying to make the whole scenario of booking online dance classes more and more easier. Before we start if you are new and still don’t know about skilligy then I would like to give you brief information on What is Skilligy and how it works?

5 Major Benefits of Booking Online Dance Classes you never Knew

Written by Akash Tapadar

The world has changed from Radio to Virtual Reality.

 There used to be days when we used to travel long, invest our precious time to search for good dance mentors and even after huge hush and rush we never knew whether we would get the type of mentor we need!

Now everything we do or anything we want to buy or book tickets for movie or flight has become online and convenient and so should be the Dance classes!

Gone are the days that we had to rush to search good dance class in our locality or in the city. There has been a huge improvisation and simplicity to book Dance Classes online which has made the lives of dance seekers very simple and Easy!