Hold up. Do you feel a bit… scared? Don’t worry! That’s completely natural!

Learning how to dance  is something new to you and anything new can be scary. Because the only thing keeping you from starting to dance is yourself.

So we’ve talked about how to learn and execute choreography.

Freestyling is another integral part of learning how to dance.

Freestyle dancing makes you more comfortable in your own body, gives you the opportunity to explore new ideas for movement, and lets you let go and have fun expressing yourself!

What Is Freestyle Dancing?

Freestyle dancing is improvisation. It’s when you do moves on the spot that weren’t choreographed ahead of time.

You probably freestyle all the time already!

So don’t take it so seriously, especially when you’re just starting to learn how to freestyle. It’s about building an algorithm in your body that understands basics of movement, and combining that with your natural groove, style, and spontaneity in the moment.

That said, the first step of freestyle dancing is to…

1. Understand the music

When you freestyle, you’re not following a set of moves that was made for that specific song.

So, you gotta be able to catch onto the song quickly.

First, bob your head to the rhythm/tempo of the song. Get your body to find that groove, which will set a sort of pace for your freestyle.

Then, listen to the melody – this is the layer of the song that you “sing.” (*It doesn’t necessarily have to be lyrics).

The melody helps you with the mood of your freestyle. Dancing to this layer is a great way to switch up your freestyle from hitting the 1s and 2s in the song

2. Train your fundamentals

Fundamental, or foundational styles, are the bread and butter of freestyle.

These dances emerged in clubs or other social settings where dancers used freestyle to express themselves.

3. Groove it out

Most dance styles have a foundational groove. It’s key to have that when you’re drilling techniques and moves.

But let’s talk about “groove” in a different sense – Hip Hop grooves!

SO much of the Urban Choreography we see and do today came from these base movements.

4. Play with dynamics and textures

Nothing’s wrong with doing a little 2-step, but if you want your freestyle to be more dynamic, then experiment with different variations of your movement.

Dynamics refer to how you do a move, not the move itself.

For example, you can do the same arm wave in an infinite amount of different ways. Fast and strong? Or initiate from the shoulder? Milk and then hit at the end?

5. Play with combinations of moves

We all have our “default” moves. It’s what our body naturally wants to do to certain sounds.

Do you find yourself repeating certain movements? That’s fine! But you can make that move look more complex and interesting by fusing it with other movements.

For example, you got your basic two-step. Right, tap. Left, tap.

Now… Add arms! Maybe a.. Head tilt! Try a lean into your step!

There you go! Now give it a try and let us know how did you go Freestyling..