7 ways to be LIT and smooth when dancing!

Written by Carla W

People learn to dance for a lot of reasons and there may be thousand of backstory on how did they end up being a dancer in the first place. Whether casually or professionally.

Most important reason probably is simpler than most people thought. To look COOL! Wherever you step on, jaws will drop, people will left impressed by how sleek your movements are.

However, not being able to maintain and practice some important aspects could turn your dance to be so wrong, awkward and stiff.

Today, we are giving you 5 tips to cut off those stiffness, awkwardness and get you to be LIT!

6 Ways to Memorize Choreography Within A WEEK!

Written by Carla W

Ever wonder how a dancer can learn a choreography fast? Not just fast, but they actually memorized each of the complex movements and techniques in their heads, which end up flowing really naturally through their body. No stiffness, no awkward moves, just smooth yet charismatic.

This is not impossible to learn. In fact, everyone without a dance background can memorize a series of choreography within a week! But, of course, when they put in the work.

Good things don’t come instant or magic and willingness without actions and practice is just dull.

Here are 6 tips to memorize choreography fast, guaranteed, within A WEEK!

10 Things Top Dancers Do

Written by Carla W

Ever wonder how to be a professional world-known dancer like Shakira? How about the King of Pop Michael Jackson? Or the top boy/girl group among the millennials and Gen Z such as BTS and Black Pink?

We break down 10 things they do to become top-notch dancers.

Ridiculously easy hacks to manage anxiety

Written by Carla W

Be kind to everyone, they say.

Be consistent with the schedule, they say.

You won’t make it if you are slacking, they say.

Seriously, these words stuffing our ears and bugging our minds way too much.

As if somehow we wonder is this the only conversation exist in between breaks in the dance room?

This is toxic; causing anxiety and stress inside of you more than you know.

3 tips to make the most out of a dance lesson

Written by Carla W

So, say you’ve been learning how to dance by yourself through online, or with your friends, and maybe you took a few dance lessons in the past but never achieved your goal as much as you expected.

You’re drained, and almost have no motivation left to learn dance. Moreover, to find a dance class.

Well, we are here today to let you know that there is still hope in a dance class! And here are the tips you can follow to make the most out of it.