Your Perfect Wedding Dance
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Our success stories

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  • If you are busy, we come to you or studio near you
  • Lots of diverse experience in different situations, songs and styles
  • Partnering with you in Song selection and trials at the venue


We offer a FREE Trial lesson. The number of lessons you need depends on your past experience, music track as well as
how fancy you want it to be. We can also recommend how many sessions you need based on your needs.

First Lesson


  • Call us on 0413018492 or send an email to
5 to 9 Lessons


  • Enjoy around 10% discount
  • Call us on 0413018492 for a customised package
10+ Lessons


  • Enjoy around 25% discount
  • Call us on 0413018492 for a customised package

We will get you ready for your big day

We specialise in creating customised wedding dances to get you prepared shining under the spotlight. Our approach to wedding dances is different to most places – we offer relaxed and fun dance classes that suit the couple rather than stiff, awkward ones that you normally see!

Make your wedding dance an enjoyable experience, while learning hand in hand with your significant other for your big day!

We make dreams come true

Your first dance with your love is so important to us. We will help you turning your dream first dance to live. Whether it’s elegant, classy, or a complete showstopper that your family and friends will be talking about for the upcoming years. Wedding Dance Lessons at Skilligy can help you to have the dance you’ve always wanted.